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Sad But True...Rain Forest Land is Cleared to Provide Grazing Land for Cows

Rain forest land is often cleared to provide grazing lands for cows. The meat from the cows is exported to make things like hamburgers.

After some time, the grazing lands become barren and ranchers move their cows onto new lands which causes further rainforest deforestation. This cycle is very destructive as the ranches move further and further into the rainforests, often disturbing rainforest communities and causing many plants and animals to become endangered and risking extinction (which is forever).

We need to take care of our Earth and Remember








·      Kids wrote to McDonald’s to change from Styrofoam to recyclable containers---AND IT WORKED


·      Kids in L.A. California worked together to get a law passed to prohibit the use of Plastic Bags.


·      Kids’ voices were instrumental in changing Tuna fishing practices to prevent dolphin from being trapped.


·      You can do it! You can make a difference and help take care of our environment!


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