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The Rain forest Mystery Web Quest supports the following Pennsylvania State Standards:

Subject Area: Environment and Ecology

Standard Area: Ecology

4.1.3. D: Identify organisms that are dependent on one another in a given ecosystem.

       Define habitat and explain how a change in habitat affects an organism.

4.1.3. E: Identify changes in the environment over time.

Standard Area: Natural Resources

4.3.3. A: Identify the natural resources used to make various products

Standard Area: Humans and the Environment

4.5.3. A: Identify resources humans take from the environment for their survival.

Subject Area: Geography

Standard Area: 7.4 Interactions between People and the Environment

7.4.3. A: Identify the effect of the physical systems on people within a community,

7.4.3. B: Identify the effect of the people on the physical systems within a community.

Subject Area: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening

Standard Area: 1.2 Reading, Analyzing and Interpreting Text

1.2.3. E: Read, understand, and respond to essential content of text in all academic areas.

Standard Area: 1.1 Reading Independently

1.1.3. A: Identify the authorís purpose and type using grade level text.

Assessment Anchor R3A.2: Understand Non-fiction appropriate to grade level.

Anchor Descriptor R3A.2.1: Identify and/or interpret the meaning of vocabulary in non-fiction.

Anchor Descriptor R3A.2.3: Make inferences and draw conclusions based on text.



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