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WebQuest- Travel to the Rain Forests and Find the Mystery Product!


As you complete the problems and gather clues, cross out the names of the products that can be eliminated.

One of these products below is the mystery product. The mystery product did not come from the rain forest. All of the other products, at first, came from the rain forests. Try to figure out which product is the mystery product by finding the clues after you complete the problems at each rain forest.

You can cross out all the products that don’t match the clue. For example: If the clue is “the product is red” then cross out all of the products that are not red.


Fig Newtons








Fruit Juice

Write the answer to each of the rain forests’ questions below. Use the TAG format: Turn Around the question and Give the answer. Use good sentences.

Amazon River Basin:





Congo Basin:




Indonesia Area:




Caribbean National Forest in Puerto Rico:




Temperate Rain Forest in US Pacific North West:




Temperate Rain Forest in Alaska:




Identify the Mystery Product that does not originate from the rain forest: ______________________________________



Reflect on your work by answering each question:


Did you enjoy this learning experience?


Why or Why Not?


Did you experience any problems when doing the WebQuest?


What suggestions would to another student who was going to do this WebQuest?


Would you like to do another WebQuest?


What topic would you like to do a WebQuest on?






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